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Escape Nepal offers river Rafting adventure holiday in Nepal, Of course, Nepal is popular for treking in Nepal since Nepal has the highest Himalayas and offers some of the most popular trekking trails in Nepal such as the Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek, more over the trekking is not only the activities that you can have in Nepal as Nepal has numerous of river voyage from the fast flowing rivers tumbling down from the mountains to the slow moving waters in the plains (Terai), rafting in Nepal has been one of the favorite adventure for the travelers to Nepal  and suites for all levels of rafting enthusiasts either first timer or the highly experienced river rafter, because, there are river waves in Nepal ranging from grade 2 or rapid 3 to hardcore rides, it is therefore why Nepal has been dubbed to be world’s one of the best places for white-water rafting and kayaking.

Nepal is second richest country in the world in the water resource with more than six thousand rivers and streams, this is why the river holidays in Nepal is one of the best way to explore Nepal and its wonders so, In recent days, Nepal has been one of the favorite and ultimate destinations for rafting enthusiasts who are looking for the best river to run, Therefore why thousands of travelers make it to Nepal for having rafting, really a thrilling adventure in Nepal. It is also famously said that Nepal is only the country in the world where there is possible of white-water rafting.

Escape Nepal Holiday is river adventure organizer which have carefully designed the river rafting itineraries from a day rafting on Trisuli River to two or multi-days rafting holiday in Nepal. The course of river takes you from the cold Himalayas, all the way down to the hot humid plains in the Terai, a vast changing landscapes unfolds before you, from the sceneries of the white-Himalayas to the amazing natural wonders with terraced hillsides, lush green valleys, and delightful little villages settled down by different indigenous communities and the boat ultimately goats down through the narrow gorges and sprawling valleys. While rafting in Nepal, you will be amazed of seeing a kingfisher swooping down into the river to catch fish and eagle circling from high above keeping a sharp eyes on the prey bellow, the crocodile lying alongside of river banks, monkey’s combing alongside of the boulder nearby river for the food and unsurpassed sights that you will see make your trip not merely add you fun but make your trip a worth sharing and worth remembering.

It is not that you will only raft in the different swirling rapids and crashing water waves, but you will equally enjoy with dazzling scenes and sceneries including with amazing rainbow created of sun rays landing in the river of Nepal. Likewise, you will also explore the distinct lifestyles, rituals and customs of people living alongside of the river and making their livings with catching fish especially of Majhi indigenous communities, who have their own distinct ways of life, living and unique ways of livelihood. You will also happen to see the amazing activity primarily the cremation of dead body. The government of Nepal has so far opened as many as 10 rivers for commercial rafting namely Trishuli River, Kali Gandaki River, Bhote Koshi River, Marshyandi River, Sunkoshi River, Tamur River, Bheri River, Seti River, Arun River and DudhKoshi River.

As described above we have rafting trips from one day to 2 weeks depending which rivers you want to raft in and how many days you want to spend on Rivers, we have mixed day rafting in some of our tour package as well and we have listed some of the most popular River adventure that we have to offer you, basically we have offered itineraries and package for the Trisuli River, Seti River, Kaligandaki River and Bhotekoshi River for the Rafting , so, please contact us if you want to have raft on other rivers in Nepal like Karnali River, Marshyandi River, Sunkoshi River, Tamur River, Bheri River, Seti River, Arun River and DudhKoshi River.

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