• DURATION4 Days
  • GROUP SIZE1-14


  • Explore Potala Palace
  • Explore Norbulingka Palace
  • Visit Jokhang Temple
  • Visit Ganden Monastery
  • Stroll on Barkhor Square
  • Visit Drepung Monastery
  • Visit Sera Monastery
  • Learn the lifestyle and culture of Tibetan people

Trip Overview

"Explore the vibrant culture, bustling market, ancient palaces, and artistic monasteries during the Lhasa Tour. It is a perfect package for anyone looking for a short adventurous venture."

Tibet Lhasa Tour is a short 4 days tour of Lhasa and Lhasa is one of the highest settlement areas in the world. Lhasa, the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region of the People Republic of China is the political, economic, and spiritual center of Tibet. With the history that dates back to more than 1300 years ago, Lhasa welcomes you with its fascinating art, centuries-old monasteries, historical relics, and precise architecture.

During the Lhasa Tour, you will meet with the Tibetans and get to see their daily lifestyle, practices, and traditions. Learn the legends, myths, and mysteries that surround the locals. Visit monuments like Potala Palace, Norbulingka Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Square, Ganden Monastery, Drepung Monastery, and Sera monastery. Likewise, go on a hike to Drayerpa Cave, from where you will see stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and breath-taking landscapes.

Tibet Lhasa Tour 4 days is guided by experienced tour guides who will take you to all the major monuments. He/she will introduce you to Tibetan culture and history. Likewise, you will get to taste Tibetan delicacies and dress up in Tibetan traditional clothes. To know more about the Tibet Lhasa Tour package or the Tibet Lhasa Tour cost, feel free to send your queries anytime. We also organize tailor-made Tibet Lhasa Tours for individuals looking to custom design the itinerary.

Major Attractions of Tibet Lhasa Tour

Explore Potala Palace

Potala Palace served as the winter palace for the Dalai Lama from 1649 to 1959 AD and has acted as a museum since then. This thirteen-story building contains over 1000 rooms, 10,000 shrines, and around 200,000 statues. The palace is located at the top of a hill called Marpo Ri, the Red Hill.

Explore Norbulingka Palace

Norbulingka Palace was the summer residence of the Dalai Lama until 1959. Located southwest of Potala Palace, this palace is considered one of the largest man-gardens in Tibet. Norbulingka Palace is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and became part of the historic ensemble in 2001. Built by the 7th Dalai Lama, this palace has served as the administrative and religious center. The palace showcases unique Tibetan architecture and has 374 rooms.

Visit Jokhang Temple

Also known as Qoikang Monastery, Jokhang Temple is a Buddhist temple. It is one of the most important temples in Tibet, currently maintained by the Gelug School. The temple architecture represents a combination of Indian Vihara, Tibetan, and Nepalese design. Founded by King Songtsen Gampo, the temple was constructed for his two wives. The oldest section of the temple was built, in 652 and the temple got enlarged over the years gradually.

Stroll on Barkhor Square

Barkhor Square is a bustling tourist area spread with narrow streets. The area encircles the entire Jokhang Temple. Four large incense continually burns in the four cardinal directions to protect Jokhang.

Visit Ganden Monastery

Ganden Monastery is one of the three Gelug university monasteries of Tibet. Founded in 1409 by Je Tsongkhapa Losang-Dragpa, the monastery got destroyed in 1959 and has been rebuilt gradually. From the monastery, you can see the breath-taking landscape. The monastery is situated at the top of Wangbur Mountain (4,300 m).

Visit Drepung Monastery

Situated at the foot of Mt. Gephal, Drepung Monastery is the largest Tibetan monastery. The monastery is located five km away from the suburb of Lhasa. The monastery once houses 7,700 monks to 10,000 monks.

Visit Sera Monastery

Located 1.25 miles north of Lhasa, the monastery is responsible for 18 hermitages and four nunneries Founded in 1419 by Jamchen Chojey, the monastery has a complex structure with a great assembly hall and three colleges. The 1959 revolt of Lhasa has left severe damage on the monastery, and hundreds of monks were killed. After this incident, the Dalai Lama took asylum in India, and other monks who survived the attack moved to Bylakuppe in Mysore, India.

Learn the lifestyle and culture of Tibetan people

During the tour, you will visit different museums, where you will get to see the traditional artifacts and paintings. Likewise, you also spend time with locals and get to see their daily lifestyle, practices, and norms. Visit the local market, where you will furthermore understand the Tibetan's taste.


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Take a wonderful flight to Lhasa. The flight offers gorgeous views of the Himalayas. Upon landing at the Lhasa airport, and you meet with our team representative.

Have a small meet and greet at the airport and head to the hotel. Even though it is a tour, do know that you are at 3,656 meters, and you have to acclimate your body.

Take a rest and drink plenty of water.

  • Hotel
  • Lhasa

After having a delicious breakfast, go on a guided tour of the famous Potala Palace. Situated at a high ridge, it is the winter residence of Dalai Lama and the seat of the Tibetan government.

Explore the palace and head towards the summer palace of Dalai Lama, Norbulingka Palace.

This palace was built in the 18th century. From here, you will visit Jokhang Temple, one of the oldest temples in Tibet, constructed by the Tibetan Emperor Songsten Gampo.

Later you will stroll on the vibrant streets of Barkhor Square and end the buying souvenirs.

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  • Lhasa

The second day of the Lhasa Tour involves a visit to Ganden Monastery and Drayerpa Cave Hike. Located around 50 km away from the city center, Ganden monastery is at the top of Wangbur Mountain (4,300 m).

This monastery was established by Tsongkapa, the founder of the Gelugpa, in 1409 AD. From here, visit Drepung and Sera monasteries. Later, you will hike to Drayerpa Cave, a sacred pilgrimage site.

The cave is located on a hillside, and you have to climb a series of stairs to reach there. As per the locals, Guru Rimpoche and Emperor Songsten Gampo are believed to be mediated here.

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  • Lhasa

This short Lhasa Tour comes to an end. Today, you will fly back to Kathmandu, enjoying views of snow-capped mountains and gorgeous scenery.

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What's Included

  • Flight from Kathmandu-Lhasa-Kathmandu
  • Private transportation by jeep/ van/ or coaster bus as per the group size
  • Necessary Tibet travel permit
  • English speaking Tibetan guide
  • Accommodation on twin sharing room basis
  • Sightseeing and monastery entrance fees as per our itinerary
  • Daily breakfast
  • All applicable taxes and service charge

What's Excluded

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Any additional cost in case of natural calamities and unforeseen circumstances
  • Personal expenses such as a drink and tip
  • Anything not mentioned in the included section