• DURATION3 Days
  • GROUP SIZE1-12


  • Canoe Ride in Chitwan
  • Walking in the Jungle
  • Bird Watching tour
  • Jungle drive in Chitwan
  • Tharu stick dance program

Trip Overview

Chitwan Jungle safari tour in Nepal is the most accessible natural Jungle spot in Nepal to all the travelers. The Chitwan national park is one of the best parks in Nepal for Jungle safari which is established in 1973 AD. You can have a look of various species of birds, plants and animals including wildlife, floras and faunas jungle safari.

Nepal is best known with the beautiful mountains, but there are the Genetic flat lands of Terai that is stretched throughout the southern part of Nepal that offers an entirely different experience. A visit to Nepal is incomplete without seeing the beauty of this Terai belt and no doubt Chitwan is the best place to do so. Chitwan is home to many wild mammals including One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, wild Elephant, Deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison, jackal and many more, many reptiles including Gharial Crocodile and many species of the birds including Hombill, Lesser florican and Paradise Flycastcher, so Chitwan is the best destination to Jungle safari and wild life adventure lover.

You can reach Chitwan national park by short domestic flights as well and there are regular flights from Kathmandu to Chitwan however, most people travel Chitwan by land as there are regular tourist bus available from Kathmandu or you can simply drive by private car/jeep as well.

There are many jungle activities in our jungle safari tour in Chitwan. Jungle safari by jeep drive is one of the most popular way to explore Chitwan jungles. You are able to view birds and animals by driving a jeep, the jungle drive in the jeep 20km per hour through the jungle from Rapti River to the Lama Lake and surroundings.

Another activities you do in Chitwan Jungle safari is canoe ride. The canoe ride is popular activity in Chitwan National park and a traditional dugout takes you on a silent trip down the Rapti River to view birds, crocodile and the animals of the river. Another most important activities that you do in Chitwan Jungle safari is walking/hiking. The walking in to the Jungle is guided by well-trained naturalists/ecologists who you to prime spots to view deer, rhino, sloth bears and other wildlife and no doubt the detailed explanation from the experienced guide on wildlife and jungle help to widenyou’re your knowledge and enjoy the tour.

Another program that look in Chitwan Jungle safari is Tharu cultural program. You have a look a melodious tribal dance performed by Tharu men with the rhythms of drums and with clashing of stick that embodies and projects how to drive away Rhino and other wild animals from human habitat, especially after dinner at the hotel, you watch Tharu stick dance and the Tharu is the native people of the area.

Another and last things you do in Chitwan Jungle safari is short bird watching tour. You can view the birds while go on morning walk through the bush and along the Rapti River where over 450 species of exotic birds including Giant, Hombill, Lesser florican and Paradise Flycastcher exist, no doubt you are accompanied by our experienced naturalist.

The Chitwan Jungle safari is best way to explore Nepal deep jungles and this is best extended tour after trekking or any tours in Nepal that includes Annapurna base camp trek that end in Pokhara and you can add on this tour after Pokhara or travel from Kathmandu after completion of Everest base camp trek in Kathmandu.


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Our driver will come to your hotel in Kathmandu or Pokhara to pick you up to drive to Chitwan national park. The drive is wonderfully scenic along the banks of the Trisuli River valley and you are able to view the beautiful landscapes, valleys, mountains, lush green hamlets set amidst color rural landscapes and so much.

Reach Chitwan and check in to the lodge and you are given brief about the program and go for Tharu village tour in the evening.

  • Lodge
  • L, D
  • Chitwan National Park

After breakfast at lodge with the sweet chirping of birds, you go for a full day of jungle activities that include Jungle walking, Canoe ride, Jungle Safari across streams & into the jungles. You also enjoy a scintillating Tharu cultural stick dance that’s real exciting to watch in the evening.

  • Lodge
  • B, L, D
  • Chitwan National Park

After breakfast at lodge, you go for short walk to watch the birds. You then drive to Kathmandu, the drive is scenic and you can have beautiful views.

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What's Included

  • Both way transport by private tourist vehicle.
  • 2 night accommodation.
  • Meals (2 breakfast, 2 lunches and 2 dinners)
  • All the jungle activities as per the itinerary.
  • National park entrance fees.

What's Excluded

  • Bar Bills and all the drinks.
  • Tips.
  • Anything not mentioned in the included section.

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