Everest Trekking

The Everest (Khumbu) Region is the most popular trekking region in the world among the trekkers, as there are spectacular mountain peaks including Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world- Mt. Everest (8,848 masl), old  Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and this is the home of the Sherpas , inhabitants of the mountain region of Nepal . The Everest region is located in the north-east of Nepal. So, Everest trek is not only famous destination for tourists for its scenic views of the Himalayas but also for the loyalty and friendliness of its inhabitants, Friendly Sherpas.

The Everest trekking area or the Solu Khumbu region is protected by the Sagarmatha National Park, established in 1976 covering an area of 1148 square kilometers. Throughout the Mt. Everest trekking region, trekkers are overwhelmed with the views of unbelievable peaks, Buddhist monasteries, and friendly Sherpa villages. Some may even have a glance of the ‘Yeti’. The local people believe that the Pangboche Monastery actually has the possession of real scalp of this Himalayan legend ‘Yeti’.

The highest mountain in the world “Mt. Everest”, which is known in Nepal as "Sagarmatha" the goddess mother of the world, has always been the greatest attraction for nature lovers and adventure trekkers equally. Solukhumbu, the heartland of the Everest Region is a vital part of the Himalayan mystique and provide the most popular destinations for adventurers of the worlds. The geography of the Everest trekking area covers with the rugged rocky valleys, alpine forests and meadows, neat Sherpa Villages, Glaciers and icefalls. Everest trekking is arguably the most famous trekking route in the world and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking scenery.

The Khumbu is huge trekking region and it is almost not possible to cover every corner of the region on your single visit and all the Area of the region has good connection of the lodge/guest houses as we need to have tented camp trek in the past in the region, now the Everest region has become like high way mean any one can trek in to the region with staying at good lodge accommodation and we at Escape Nepal has planned some of the most popular trekking itineraries to make easy for the travellers to choose and plan their trek so, look at our planned itineraries and select one of them according to your time and interests or if  any of them are not suitable for for you then please write us wiht your days and interests then we will plan your trek and offer you.  the Everest region is located in high land area so, generally, tourists may fall an acute high altitude sickness while trekking in the area so, we would like to advise to have some information about the Acute Mountain sickness and ways to get rid from it and you need to have good trekking equipment for the trek in the region so, we will like to ask you to be well prepared on all terms to have complete success on your adventure trek as the trekking in Everest is not easy task but there is no thing to fear when you are well prepared and you can always ask us for an expert advise, we are here for you always!

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