Airport Arrival Info

You need to pass on your International flight details with flight name, number, arrival date and time to us once you booked your trip with us. We then arrange airport pick up service at Kathmandu airport on your arrival. You just pass through the Customs and come out of the Terminal building where you see someone standing with a placard with either ‘Escape Nepal Holidays” or your name written on paper then our airport representative or tour officer will greet you and transfer you to the hotel.

Our suggetion on Arrival

There can be many people around you to support you to carry your luggage or to put your luggage in the vehicle when you exit from Kathmandu Airport on your arrival. These people ask for money as tip at the end. So, you have to be careful of them and we advise you not let them to carry your bag/Luggage. We suggest you to take your bag/luggage yourself until you put them on our vehicle more over there will be plenty of trolley to use free to carry your luggage so, please use them and these people are not related with Escape Nepal Holidays.

There are our representative/drive to receive you when you book and ask us for the pick up service so, please know the right person (who will be holding your name on play card) and let only to him/her to carry and to support you for any thing you need there.