The Height of Everest Has Been Increased

  • Dec 8, 2020
  • Raj Kumar Basnet

The revised height of the world’s tallest Mountain “The Everest” also known as Mt. Chomolungma and Sagarmatha in Nepali has been revealed today on 8th December 2020. The revised height of Everest was officially announced by Nepali and Chinese officials today, 8th December 2020. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal Pradeep Kumar Gyawali and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi were present at the virtual program.

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The New Height of Everest

The new height of Everest is 8848.86 (29,031 feet) meters. The Height of Everest was 8848 meters, and now, it has been increased by 0.86 meters. The new announcement has answered the frequently asked Questions “How high is Everest?”

Old height of Everest

The Top of the Everest!

The former height of the Everest Mountain was 8848 meters, and it was measured in 1954 AD by the Survey of India. Nepal decided to re-measure the height of Everest after speculations that the widely accepted Height might not be the actual height after the 2015 earthquake.

The New height of Everest and Effects on Nepal Tourism

Mountain Everest is one of the Major attractions of mountain tourism of Nepal, and mountain tourism is the main tourist attraction of Nepal compare to other tourism such as Cultural or Religious tourism in Nepal. So, the news of the new height of Everest can play a vital role to promote Nepal, its mountain, and tourism activities, including trekking and expedition.

The Namche Bazaar on the way to Everest!

Namche Bazaar on the way to Everest

The Everest Expedition is a dream adventure of a lifetime for many mountain lovers, and thousands of people climb Everest every year to fulfill their dream to be at the top of the world. Furthermore, not all people can afford to climb Everest as it is expensive plus adventurous as well. So, thousands of people make their journey to Everest Base Camp.

The Everest Base Camp Trek is doable by common people who have good health and dream to do it. People, those have looked the Everest only view the Everest which is 8848 meter, and now those are planning to see Everest will see the height of 8848.86 meters. We at Escape Nepal Holidays invite you to travel to look the Everest with the new height of 8848.86 meters.

Raj Kumar Basnet

Raj Kumar Basnet

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