Why Guided Holidays in Nepal ?

  • Aug 13, 2020
  • Arjun Rijal

Traveling is not only looking new places and sights but also to know about the destinations you travel. The neighboring countries of Nepal Tibet and Bhutan have applied controlled tourism policy and all the travelers take guided tour and none of the tourist are allowed to travel solo and individually with out organized tour and guide.

The most of the tourist places except some of the controlled area in Nepal are allowed tourist to visit themselves without organized tour and taking guide however, there are some reasons why you should do guied tour in Nepal.

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To know the destination well

if you travel in Nepal without taking guide, of course you can visit most of the places however, you just can look at them and take some photograph of the tourist sites but you never know the stories behind those historical sites, all the historical sites in Kathmandu and others parts of Nepal have carried long history, many stories, legends, arts, architecture and you can know them well only when you take our guided tour.

We offer local experts on our guided tour and trekking holiday who can offer interpretation of those sites well and of course about the people, culture, lifestyle, history, geography, political systems and much more , you know that no one in the world can know about the destination better  than the local experts, and when you know the authentic information about the destination then you will be grateful and feel that you have chosen right place “ Escape Nepal Holiday” and will ask more people to visit Nepal and know about it through Escape Nepal.

For safe travel

Most of the trekking holiday in Nepal goes in to the high Himalaya and it is risky to travel alone without guide in that remote area, I hope, you have read and heard many bad news that many individual trekkers have been lost and they have been never found, because some of the trekking trial goes into the high ridge , thick forest, across the streams so, people may lose their life in small mistakes and they can lose their way to the destination or to return the same trail.

We would like to request not to travel alone in the mountains and take our guided trekking holiday where there will be our guide to offer all the information about the places we trek through, information about the trekking trail, about the mountain sickness and the way to avoid them, about the safety matters and the guide will support a lot to reach on your trekking destination.

Our guide will help to rescue/evacuate you from the mountain in the case of emergency as well which will save your life, you will not have this opportunities when you do not take our guide trekking holiday and do the trek yourself.

To have worry free holiday

when you take our guided trekking or tour holiday, we at Escape Nepal arrange all the related services from your arrival at the airport till you departure from Nepal that includes airport pick up and transfer, booking accommodation, arrange transports, flights, tours, guide, porter, permits, entrance fees and whatever needed according to the trek and tour package that you have booked, you do not need to take any worry about our holiday.

We will do everything for you, mostly we offer porters to carry your bag on our guided trek holiday in to high mountain, which will make so much easy for you to trek and enjoy the nature and culture carrying just day bag.

To generate the economy

when you take our guided trekking or tour holiday, it will be so much supportive to generate local economy, just for your information that Nepal now is facing unemployment problem and tourism in Nepal is fast growing industry and can offer job opportunities to thousands of People right now, you can imagine that your holiday in Nepal can provide job to few people such as myself as a organizer, our guide and porter get job from you and your holiday, you can Imagine that your travel and holiday with us have contributed to the economy of Nepal and have helped to reduced the unemployment problem in Nepal. We would like to thank you so much for taking our guide holiday in Nepal.

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