Cross Country Tours

Escape Nepal offers cross country holidays from Nepal including visit of multi-countries such as Bhutan and Tibet in your single travel, these countries are neighboring countries of Nepal and it is easy to travel to these country from Nepal also because there are regular flight to Bhutan from the Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu and the Capital of Tibet, the Lhasa and Kathmandu are connected by air transport plus you can travel to Tibet by overland form the Nepal-Tibet border as well.

If you are planning to escape to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet at your single trip or at least two of these countries then our cross country package could be the best option for you, it is easy to book the holiday in multi country with single company like Escape Nepal Holidays.

So, look at our packages that include travel to Nepal and Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan and Nepal-Bhutan and Tibet in your single tour and select one from them or do let me know if none of these are suitable for you then we will tailor your holiday in these countries according to your time and interests.

Cross Country Tours packages

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