Hiking in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best hiking destinations in the world and Escape Nepal presents complete information about hiking in Nepal. Nepal, now is fully opened for the hiking activities after the 25th April, 2015 earthquake. Escape Nepal offers Hiking Holidays in Nepal and we have listed only short hikes ( few days) and day hikes in this catagory, so, if you are searching for long trekking in Nepal such as the world famous Everest Base Camp Trek , Annapurna Base Camp Trek or any other trek in Nepal then look at the list of our other trekking destination page.

The Hiking is one of the most popular and best way to explore Nepal and its unique geographical structure, mountains, villages, Himalayas, terrace and much more.  The Hiking in Nepal is suitable for those have limited time and still want to experience the walking holidays in the Himalayas, hills and hillocks in Nepal, the hiking and trekking is similar activities however we have catagorized hiking for the small hikes and day hikes and trekking holidays for the long trekking holidays and wilderness holidays for the adventure and camping treks, the hiking holidays offer panoramic views of Himalayas, lush valleys, beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage, rural people and their culture and lifestyle, Nepal has various destinations for hiking experience.  We at Escape Nepal offers many day hikes and overnights hiking packages and some of the most day hikes in Nepal are Nagarkot Sunrise hike, Nagarjun Day hike, Champadevi day hike and Phulchoki day hike and some popular overnights hiking packages are given below:

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