Tibet Travel Information

Tibet Travel Information: We at Escape Nepal offer you travel and tour to Tibet as well as the Tibet is neighboring country of Nepal and we have cross border between so, thousands of people travel Tibet every year through Nepal so, we hope, these information related with travel to Tibet would be useful to you.

Getting to Tibet: The Tibet or Especially the Lhasa is connected by Air transport from many places and of course from Nepal ( Kathmandu) as well and the Tibet is connected with overland from Nepal as well so, it is easy to travel Tibet from Nepal compare with traveling from other countries so, all our Tibet travel and tours package are Tibet tour are based on entry and exit from Kathmandu and we will arrange overland tour to Tibet – Lhasa or even tour by flight to Lhasa and return as well so, do let us know when you would like to travel to Tibet and how then we will offer you further information with options:

Tibet Visa information:  The Tibet visa information is subject to change every time and it depends on whether you join the trip in Kathmandu or China. If you are joining the trip in Kathmandu you will need a multiple entry visa for Nepal which can be obtained either from your nearest Nepalese embassy/consulate or on arrival in Kathmandu airport. For the Tibet, we organize a group visa, and in order to do this we will need a copy of your passport at least 20 days prior to the commencement of your trip, followed by your actual passport five days before the visa issuing days. If you are entering via mainland China you have to obtain Chinese visa from you home country. Visa regulation in Tibet keep changing please ask us for latest up to date information about this matter.

Best Time to Travel: The Climate is not such a major consideration when you plan to travel Tibet, being nick named the Land of snow there is surprising lack of snow in Lhasa, it is quite cold during the winter months however it is still possible to travel Lhasa and do some tours around and basically, the time of the spring from April till the November  are the best time to travel Tibet and you can do only the some city tours in winter in Tibet , not all in all tours like travel to Kailash Mansarovar is not possible in the winter months:

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