Tours in Tibet

Escape Nepal holiday offers travel holidays and tours to Tibet, the Tibet is a mysterious Buddhist region and famously known as roof of the world, which is one of the country to travel at least once in lifetime. Tibet is amazingly rich in Buddhist culture, tradition, shrines, monasteries, ancient Buddhist arts and architecture and surrounded by the soaring Himalayas, glaciers, lakes and so forth and thus it has been one of the favorite and an ultimate destinations among the travelers from across the world.

Tibet, an autonomous region of China shares its border with India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Kashmir, the Tibet is beautiful and mysterious land which is under the control of People’s Republic of China (PRC). Often dubbed with different titles, ‘the roof of the world, ‘the land of snows’, ‘country living with many Buddhists devotees’ and so on, Tibet is filled with remote, beautiful and sacred sites illuminated by countless of Buddhist monasteries, shrines and surrounded by awe-inspiring Himalayas. Tibet has many attractions ranging from fabulous Buddhists monasteries to the old palaces, breathtaking sceneries of majestic Himalayas for trekking, stunning views of the world’s highest mountain, to dissert alike Tibetan plateau and so on. Tibet is an amazingly rich in art and architecture, Buddhist culture, rituals and customs, which have been preserved from the 14th century, this is therefore why having holiday in Tibet is memorable in lifetime. Besides, Tibet is filled with amazing landscapes primarily of rugged and desert alike Tibetan plateau, range of majestic mountains queuing like white color painted wall, numerous old palaces, Buddhist shrines offering an utmost adventure.

Take an example of Lasha, the Capital city of Tibet alone, which was once a forbidden city. Lasha is surrounded with soaring snow-capped Himalayas, filled with amazing Buddhist monasteries, shrines, museums, historical and religious monuments, shopping centers, old palaces, amazing ancient arts and architecture. Because of these features, Tibet has now emerged to be one of the most popular destinations in the world to have trekking. Lasha was selected on ninth position in the 50 lists of places to spend holidays in 2012 by world’s renowned newspaper—New York Times.

The Tibet is very close from Nepal and being a company based in Nepal, we are authorized to organized to organize holiday in Tibet cause the Nepal is the best place to travel to Tibet from as there is flights from Kathmandu-Lhasa-Kathmandu or it is linked by road as well, so, some of the tours to Tibet goes through overland, we have some packages for the Tibet Holidays like Short Tibet-Lhasa tour, Tibet overland tour, Lhasa-Base camp tour and  Kailash tour/yatra and these all goes from Nepal and will end in Nepal, so, look at these itineraries and select one of them or do let us know if none of them are suitable for you and you want to have different itinerary , or we have cross country holidays like Nepal-Tibet tour  or Nepal-Bhutan-Tibet tour for those want to visit multiple countries in single visit and tour to Tibet is the best top on with some of the most popular trekking in Nepal such as the Everest Base Camp Trek,  Annapurna Base Camp Trek etc...

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