Trekking Equipment Packing List

Trekking Equipment Packing list: Packing  the gear for the trekking in Nepal is very important, if you pack less then you will have problem on trek and if you pack more will make your weight unnecessary heavy which will not let you enjoy while you are on trekking or hiking so, you need to pack your luggage very carefully that shold not miss any necessary stuff and should not have those do not used for trek , you need to consider the weather situation, altitude of your trekking, season of trekking, number of trekking days, types of trekking etc before packing  your gear for your trekking holiday and here we have given brief list of some stuff that you need for lodge/teahouse based trek more over you need much more stuff while you do Camping trek in Nepal so, do let us for the list of the gear that you need for the camp/tend based trek:

Luggage/Bagpacks and day bag:

You need to a Luggage or bagpack to keep your stuff whie you are on trek and basically, we offer porter to carry main luggage while you are on trek however they should be confortable to carry and durable and we suggest you to have rain cover that is helpful to save your bag from rain ( if it rains) and you need to have day bag that is carried by yourself and you will those things you need to use for the day such as camera, money, passport, water bottle, sun cream etc…

Head Lamps: The Electricity is rare when you are in high and remote trekking in Nepal so, carrying a head lamp is necessary while you are on trek in Nepal.

Clothings: Comfort is very important while you are on trekking in Mountain and you need to have comfortable and warm clothing for the trek depending on number of the trekking days, trekking region, weather and climate situation, you just need to pack those you need and use on trek and we suggest you to have light weight plus quick dry clothing as it is better to wash and use those clothing especially while you go for longer trekking, you need Sunhat, Sunglasses, Warm hat, Lightweight warm gloves, T-shirts, Underwear, Long shorts, Trousers- (loose and comfortable), Fleece Jacket (or a windproof jacket), Waterproof pants; Down jacket etc for the trekking in Nepal.

Hiking/Trekking Shoes: The trekking is walking tour so, you need to have really good and comfortable shoes and it play vital role for the successness of your trekking in Nepal and you need to have a pair of flip-flops or camp shoes to wear at the camp or lodge after completing the day trek which shold be comfortable .

Towel: A quick dry towel is necessary while you are on trek in Nepal as you may not find towel even in the lodge/guest house so, when you take shower or wash hands or face then you need towel and you can wash and try quick if you have quick drying towel and wet wipes are great to wash your hand and face when you can not take bath or the water is too cold in the Himalayas.

Water Bottle and purification:  you need to have thick plastic water bottle or metal water bottle while on trekking in Nepal where you can put hot water as well, we can buy bottled water in most of the tea house/lodge trek however we advise you to bring and re-fill water instead of using plastic bottle which is not eco friendly idea and we advise you to have water purification medicine as well , we Nepalese are used to drink the normal water however it is not for you so, having water purification is always safe while on trek in Nepal.

First Aid Kit: The first Aid kit is one of the most important thing that you should not miss when you pack for the trek in Nepal and please make sure you have necessary medication according to the place of trekkingand the number of trekking days.

Moisturizing creams/lip balm: Moisturizing creams/lip balm  are necessary while you are on high mountain trek in Nepal as your lips and body skin will be dry cause of the mountain air so, these will be helpful to protect your skin from drying and cracking.

Snacks: Most of our Guided trek in Nepal is inclusive of meals while you are on trek however it is nice to have little snacks on stops such as chocolate bars, snicker bars, candy, biscuits etc…which will be helpful to gain extra energy for your trek as well.

Hand Sanitizer:  we always suggest you to take extra care while you are on trek by carrying Hand Sanitizer and use it before you eat and which will be helpful to keep you healthy while on trek.

Toilet papers: It is important to have toilet paper while you are on remote trek since when you go higher and remote area then the tiolet paper will become rate and more expensive so, we advise you to talk with our guide while you are on trek and take enough paper for the further trekking days.

Extra Batteries/Memory Cards: The Electricity is rare in trek so, we always advise you to have extra battries for your camera cause we do not want you to miss taking the pictures of beautiful places and please have extra memory card for your camera as well cause the trekking places are so nice that you like to take too much pictures.

Extras/Luxuries:  If you have you have Binoculars, Reading book, Travel game i.e. chess, backgammon, and scrabble etc.. (For your free time).

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