Weather and Climate Nepal

Weather and Climate Nepal: Nepal has different climatic zone and the climate and temperature differ from one place to another place in different months in Nepal, the temperature is cold and goes even minus 20 degree in the winter season (December- February) in the Himalayan region and the climate is hot and humid in the summer months (May-August) in the Terai region ( the southern part of Nepal) so, the temperature and the climate is totally different from one part to another part , this is because of the varied landscape as well as Nepal has land from 60 meter above sea level up to the top of the world – the Everest.

Best Time to Travel Nepal:  Both the spring (February, March and April) and the autumn (middle of September until End of December) are most favorable times to travel Nepal so, it is possible to visit any part of Nepal such the Himalayas, Middle hills, Valleys, Rivers and the Terai more over we have slogan now “ Nepal for all season” which means it is possible to travel Nepal any time of the year , only you do not have choice to visit any places, as we have Himalaya, Hills, Valley, Rivers, Jungles so, we have numerous places and activities that you can do on Summer and winter as well, Such as we have rain shadow area where you can trek in Moon soon and we have Cities and Valleys with temples and Historical Arts and Architecture which you can Visit in winter and summer as well  so, do let us know which months you are planning to travel Nepal then we will suggest you the appropriate tours and activities.

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