Top 10 best travel destination in Nepal to visit in 2022

  • Sep 30, 2021
  • Raj Kumar Basnet

Are you planning to travel to Nepal in 2022? If yes, then we have given some of the most popular travel destinations to visit in Nepal in 2022. Nepal is a small landlocked country located between India and China with stunning picturesque landscapes with many natural and cultural heritage sites that attract thousands of tourists every year. There are more than 100 different castes/ethnic group of people living peacefully with harmony in Nepal.

Furthermore, Nepal offers many high Himalayas that includes the top of the world, Mt. Everest, and a number of the other Himalayas that offer many great trekking trails. Because of the lack of promotions of the major tourism destinations of Nepal, It has not been able to attract tourists as it could do. So, we have given some places that you should visit in Nepal on your travel to Nepal.

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Everest Base Camp (EBC)

Everest is known by most people in the world, as it is the highest peak in the world is Mt. Everest (8848m), which is in Nepal. So, Everest is one of the major attractions of Nepal and one of the most popular travel destinations in Nepal. Many adventure travelers around the world make their way to Everest every year to climb and summit Everest, to reach Everest base camp, or to view Everest.

The Everest Base camp

Not all the people can climb Everest as it requires a lot of experiences and stamina, and visit Everest base camp by trekking/walking is another most popular activity in Nepal. The Everest base camp trek is one of the most popular trekking in Nepal, and many people take this trek every year.

The trek to Everest base camp takes about 12 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu as there is a regular flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, and you take the flight to Lukla and start the trek to EBC. It takes about seven days to reach Everest base camp with enough rest days for acclimatization to adopt the altitude and another three days to trek down to Lukla, and you take the return flight on the 12th day.

There are some other ways to see Everest as well as not all the people can do the Everest base camp trek physically or may not have enough days to reach EBC by walking. There is an Everest Mountain flight daily from Kathmandu airport. It is an hour flight over the Himalayas to view the great Himalayas of Nepal, that also view of Everest. You can also see Everest by taking a Everest Helicopter flight tour as well.

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

The Annapurna base camp is another popular tourist destination in Nepal, and many trekkers around the world make the trek to Annapurna base camp. The major attraction of the Annapurna base camp is terraced rice fields, Rhododendron forests, and great views of mountain ranges.

The Annapurna base camp

The Annapurna base camp is located at the altitude of 4130 meters above sea level in the lap of Annapurna first and other mountains. There are different routes/trails, that lead ABC that depends on which route you want to take as per the days you have for the trek. You can complete the ABC trek from 7 to 11 days.

Gosaikunda Lake

Gosaikunda Lake is another travel destination that you should not miss in your travel to Nepal. The Lake is located in Langtang national park and is located at an altitude of 4380 meters above sea level. Gosaikunda Lake is an adventure travel destination and, the only way to reach the lake is by trekking/walking.

The Gosaiunda Lake

The Gosaikunda Lake is also a religious site according to Hindu mythology, and many people visit the lake every year to pay homage to Lord Shiva. Furthermore, the route offers a spectacular mountainous view. You can reach the lake from 3 days to many days from Kathmandu, and it depends on the days you have and the route you want to take.

You can reach the lake by drive from Kathmandu-Dhunche and trek from Dhunche to Gosaikunda Lake that takes about two days from Dhunche. There is another longer route of the Langtang circuit trek that connects the Langtang valley trek.

Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is another popular travel destination in Nepal. The trekking/hiking is only the way to reach and visit the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. The Upper Mustang trek route goes into the hidden world of the Buddhist kingdom of Mustang, which is also called Lo-Manthang.

The Upper Mustang region

The Upper Mustang is similar to the Tibetan region of China, not only with culture but also with the landscape. The Upper Mustang trek trail is surrounded by rocks in all kinds of colors & formations, and The Mustang region is located in the shadow of the Dhaulagiri Himalaya. Only a little rain happens in this region, and the region is also called the rain shadow area, and Mustang trek is also possible in the monsoon season.

Poon Hill View Point

Poon hill is one of the best viewpoints in Nepal to view the Himalayas, and the sunrise view from Poon Hill is fantastic. Thousands of people visit Poon Hill every year to have these scenic views. The Poon hill is located at the altitude of 3210 meters above sea level in the trail of Ghorepani-Poon hill trek of the Annapurna region.

Sunrise view from Poon Hill

The Ghorepani- Poon hill trails are only the route to reach Poon hill, and it takes 1-2 days to reach from Pokhara. The trail goes through many villages, dense forests, and wonderful waterfalls. The Ghorepani Poon hill trek is a short and sweet trek in Nepal that can be done all through our year and suitable for all aged people.

Manaslu Region

Mountain Manaslu is the eighth-highest mountain in the world, and it is 8,163 meters high above sea level, and many people trekking in the Manaslu region to see the beauty every year. Manaslu is located in the western part of Nepal and near to the border of Nepal alongside Tibet. The name Manaslu means "The spirit-mountain"; the local jargon refers to it to be the compassionate, and strong deity that mysteriously dwells within its domain.

The Manaslu Region

Manaslu region offers great views of some of the highest mountains in the world, and walking/trekking is only the way to travel in this Manaslu region. The Manaslu circuit trek that is about 18 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu covers almost all the areas of the Manaslu. The trek goes all the way up and pass over the Larke La pass, and joins the Annapurna circuit tail in Dharapani.

Thorong La Pass

Thorong La pass is located at an altitude of 5416 meters above sea level in the Manang district of Nepal, and this is the highest trekking pass in Nepal. The pass offers great mountain views, and thousands of people travel to Thorong La pass.

The Thorong La pass

There is a long adventure Annapurna circuit trek that includes trek in Thorong la pass trek, and it is rich in sceneries apart from the diverse culture floras and faunas. You can see the whole string of mountains on the circuit Trek, which includes Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m), Mt. Annapurna I (809m) Mt. Manaslu (8163m), Mt. Annapurna II (7937m.), Mt. Annapurna III (7555m), Mt. Annapurna IV (7525m), Mt. Annapurna south (7219m), Mt. Nilgiri (7041m), Mt. Fishtail (Mt. Machhapuchhare- 6998m), Mt. Hiunchuli (6441m), Mt. Lamjung Himal (6986m), Tukuche peak (6920m), and Tilicho peak (7134m).

Gokyo Lake

You don’t have to travel to expensive corners in the world to see nature at its most natural. The pristine air, spectacular scenery, & the less crowded spaces of the Himalayas, that is Gokyo Lake in Nepal.

The Gokyo Lake in Everest region

Gokyo Lake is located in the Gokyo Valley of the Everest region. You have to do trekking to reach and visit the Gokyo Lake and valley. You can either reach the Gokyo Lake via Everest Base Camp by doing the Everest Chola pass Gokyo Trek or directly from Namche and return by Renjo la pass.


Lumbini is one of the travel destinations in Nepal and visited by thousands of travelers to pay homage to Lord Buddha. Lumbini is one of the world's major religious, architectural, and historical sites, and Lumbini is a big area with numerous monuments, temples, and ancients sites. Lumbini is listed as a UNESCO world heritage cultural site.

The Mayadevi temple in Lumbini

Mayadevi temple is a major attraction of Lumbini, which was built on the exact place where Buddha was born, and other important landmarks and monuments include Ashoka’s Pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka (249 BC).

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is the first National park of Nepal, which was established in 1973 AD, and it is one of the natural heritage sites listed in UNESCO.

Jungle walking in Chitwan National park

The park covers an area of 932 square kilometers and is located in the subtropical Inner Terai lowlands of south-central Nepal. Chitwan National park is one of the best national parks for the Jungle Safari tour in Nepal. Nepal is very popular for mountain trekking, However, Nepal has some National parks where you can experience the best jungle safari in the world.

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